Friday, August 14, 2009

First Day Of School

Well our day started very early this morning!! Ashlee was the first shift. I took her to school and dropped her off. I can not believe that I have a Sophmore! She is really excited about being at school. She just loves high school so much!
Jackson was second! Mike had him awake when I came home from dropping off Ashlee. As soon as I walked in the door, he said"Are you taking me to school?" I told him yes, but he didn't like that! He wanted to walk by himself. Oh my goodness I could have cried!! He did let me walk him, but he would not hold my hand as we walked across the street! As soon as we got inside the front door of the buildng he grabbed my hand!! The farther we walked down the hall, the tighter he held my hand!! I was sorda hanging out in his classroom, and he told me that I could leave!! I guess he was ready for me to leave!! I went ahead and left without a tear!! He was so excited when he got home. He wanted to go the next day (Saturday), but was disappointed when I told him that he had to wait until Monday!! Tuesday will be his first whole day.
Mackenzie and Natalie were next. The middle school doesn't start until 9:00. It took me 35 minutes to drive 2 miles down the road to the school. Needless to say we were late the very first day!! Oh well!! Mackenzie still let me walk her to her first period class. Then I walked Natalie to her class. They both looked so cute in their SSA clothes.
I can not believe that all of my kids have grown so much! I no longer have any babies left. I have been so blessed to have been able to stay home with them. I know that at times it has been hard on Mike being our only source of income, but I really don't think that either of us would have wanted it any other way!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Fun Day Before School....

Today we went to Nashville Shores for our last day of summer fun!! It was so nice because there wasn't many people out...I guess since some of the other schools had already started. Jenny and Shelby went with us, oh..and Mariah too!! We all had alot of fun. Shelby seemed to really have fun too. We love her so much!! The group of kids that Ashlee hangs around with were there too!! There are more boys than girls, but they are all really good kids that come from really good families that are very involved in the school. The other girl that was in the group moved a few weeks ago. I know that Ashlee and Mariah will miss Danielle.

We had a great time this summer going to Nashville Shores. I really feel that we got our monies worth out of our seasons passes. Can't wait until next summer.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Josie's Back To School Lunch

If you have read my post regarding Josie's birthday, then you are aware that she hasn't been feeling very well. But Josie being her very driven self insisted that she fix me and the kids a Back to School Lunch.
It was very good..Chicken ala King over cornbread(or egg bread as Josie calls it!), green beans, a salad, and a frozen fruit salad, and of course a chocolate pie!! It was very good, always is!!
We had a great time visiting with Josie and June(my favorite cousin!!), Josie had went out and bought the kids a few school supplies!
Thanks for the lunch we loved it and love you too!

The Mack Family

On Sunday, my daddy's brother and sisters were able to get together. His sister Carolyn was in from Texas, so little sister Norma had everyone to her house for a family get together. We had lots of fun catching up with everyone. I wish that they all lived in the same state so that they could see each other all the time.
We had a great time and the food was good, especially the potatoe salad and the homemade salsa!!
In the picture are all of the brother and sisters. From left to right: Tommy( the baby), Norma Jean (4th oldest), Daddy(the oldest), Carolyn (3rd oldest & oldest girl!), and Ralph(2nd oldest)
Ralph just got out of the hospital, he is recovering from bladder cancer. We all hope that he can start to get aroud and feel better soon.
Can't wait until next year!!

Jackson's Lemonade Sale

Jackson has been asking to have a lemonade sale for a while now. I think that he got the idea off of the disney channel or something like that. I had told him that I had one when i was a little girl, and that Nana had a picture of it at her house. So Friday morning, I made up 2 gallons of lemonade so that it could start getting cold. At around 3:00 we went to the store to buy some cups. We finally got set up at around 3:30, at Nana and Papa's house. We set us up a table in the front yard. By 4:50, he had already made $18.50!! It was so funny to watch him. He would get so excited every time someone would stop. Most people would give him a dollar, and told him to keep the change!!
He has put his money in his bank at home. He is wanting to buy some kind of a car at Target!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 89th Birthday Josie

Tuesday, August 4th was my grandmother's(Nana) birthday. We didn't get to celebrate until Saturday, August 8th. Actually Josie had just got out of the hospital on that Monday, the day before her birthday!
We all got together at Grant and Winnie's house for a great dinner. My aunt Vicki made a cake that has all the names that we call Nana. See... I am the oldest grandchild, so I grew up calling her Nana as did all of my cousins. Fast forward 24 years, and my kids start calling her Josie, (which is her real name), only because they call my Mama and Daddy Nana & Papa!! So part of us call her Nana, and the rest of us call her Josie!!
I am very fortunate that my kids have a great grandmother that they get to see on a regular basis.
Josie, we hope that the next 89 years will be as good to you as the last 89 were!!
We love you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miss Shelby Marie

Today, we had a little "Meet and Greet" for Jenny and sweet precious Shelby. We were so excited to finally get everyone together to see Shelby for the first time. We had a few people to come over for a little visit. We all enjoyed some good cake, and Shelby enjoyed her big bowl of M&Ms!! She was so funny to watch!! She really likes Ashlee. Shelby and Hailey really liked each others shoes!! I think that we got Shelby on a little chocolate high!! We are so thankful that Jenny and Shelby have finally found each other, after three years and 10 months, alot of tears, and many long days and nights, these two are finally one big happy family. I could not be any happier for both of them. We love you!!