Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to School Cleaning

The first day of school is just around the corner..that means dentist time!! Jackson really loves going to the dentist. I hope that he will always like going, and not have any fear of the dentist. He had a very good check up! No "bugs" in his mouth!!

Mrs. Cathy's Retirement Party

Mrs. Cathy threw a huge "Thank You" party last Sunday. I really wish that I would have taken more pictures, but I wasn't really thinking!! This was a very emotional day for anyone that went to the party. The whole front parking lot was full of huge white tents. Under each tent were round tables with of course pink table clothes and white chairs. Each table had centerpieces of pink and white balloons. The balloons had crystal rhinestones glued to them! the whole party was catered. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, Cole slaw, baked beans, chips, and desserts. She even had a D.J.! Two metro council members came and read a declaration from the mayors office declaring it Cathy Turner Day! There were so many people there from as far away as California! We all had a great time, but it was very emotional! We love Mrs. Cathy very much. A new girl is leasing the building from Mrs. Cathy, and dancing will stay in the little grey building. It will never be the same!


Brian (my brother)came by on Saturday with the dirt car on the trailer. Right when Jackson saw him pull up he went running out the door and to the car!! Of course Brian let him climb in,and of course Jackson talked Brian into starting it up!! It was funny to watch the people of other nationalities react to a very LOUD dirt car!!

Duck and Cover!!

The kids were out in the pool swimming while I was in the house. I kept on hearing all of this screaming and yelling. I went outside to see what the fuss was all about, and it was over this little birdie!! Someones parakeet was lost and flying around in the backyard. It kept on trying to land in the pool, and at one point finally landed on my float. Mackenzie thought that she would be brave and held out her finger. The bird came flying toward her, and she took off screaming! Poor bird! It finally landed on the deck, and sat there while I took a picture of it. We haven't seen it since!! I guess the kids scared it off!!

We Sometimes Forget How Pretty Some Things Are

A few weeks ago, we were outside with our new dog. The moon looked so cool, that I just had to see if I could get a good picture of it with my new camera and this is how it turned out. How cool is that?

Happy Fourth Of July

Normally we have our family 4th of July get together at my house, but this year we went to June and John's house in Hermitage. We had lots of fun seeing everyone. This year my cousins from Kentucky were able to come down and join us! June had lots of good food for us. We were all enjoying the Hot weather, until the lovely rain came down on us!! We all took cover in the garage and continued our festivities, without the fireworks!! Hope that everyone had a great holiday. Next year...we will be back at my house!!!