Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Jackson finally started pre school this past fall. He goes 3 days a week, and absolutely loves it! I can't believe how much he has learned in such a short time. They are very structured and treat it like real kindergarden. He has met all kinds of friends and even has a "girlfriend"- Cheyenne. On the days that he doesn't have school he tells me that he is bored. I guess that my daily routine is not much fun to him anymore!! He was the lead role in his school Christmas play. He got picked to be Joseph, and Cheyenne was Mary. One afternoon when papa picked him up from school, he blurts out that he is going to be a daddy! My dad was like what!! He(Joseph) is going to marry Mary(Cheyenne) and they are having a baby!!

I just signed him up for spring soccer. He played this past spring and fall. He is really good at it. Just this fall he scored 12 goals during the season. It is so cute to sit and watch all of these little kids run and chase a ball.

It seems to be that his best friends "Hawk & Dale Jr" have skipped town or something!! These were his 2 imginary friends that he has had since he was 2 1/2 years old. Some of the storys that he would tell us were absoutley hillarious. Hawk was the trouble maker. Dale was just Dale!! He still brings them up every once in a while, but nothing like he used to. There for a while, I was shutting the car door and was told that I had to open it back up to let Hawk & Dale get in the car with us!!

He is growing so much. It won't be long until he is off to school full time. We have all had so much fun with Jackson. We were all worried when we found out that he was going to be a boy. After having 3 girls, we knew nothing about boys!! He is truly ALL BOY!!!


Natalie started middle school! She was really excited until the last week of summer break, that's when the nerves hit!! At first she didn't like it all that well. I think that it was just the new environment that comes with middle school. She had a hard time trying to figure out how to open her combination lock on her locker, that alone was stressing her out!! After the first month she had completely adjusted to life as a fifth grader. She has 2 teachers, and takes an elective course every 9 weeks. She was student of the month/semester. She was recognized and received a certificate in front of the whole student body. Her class peers elected her as student council Representative. She has monthly meeting that she has to attend. I believe that she is the tallest 5th grader! She actually looks older than Mackenzie!! Her grades are out of this world. On the first 9 week grading period, she didn't have anything lower than a 95 on her report card. She is Very smart. She has already attended her first school dance. She thought that it was boring!!

In metro school you can not try out for any sports until you are in the 7th grade. She has already said that she is going to try out for cheer leading! Go figure!! Natalie takes dance 1 night a week, and has talked about maybe playing soccer in the spring! She a great kid, and we couldn't be more proud!


Mackenzie is in the seventh grade this year. Here is a little bit of how her first week of school went! On the fourth day of school, she was at home pratcing for cheerleading tryouts. I had gone to wal-mart and left the kids at home. While I was out Mackenzie calls crying and said that she hurt her foot. I asked if anyone was bleeding, or if a bone was sticking out! I was't too concerned, because I just kept on shopping!! I came home and checked on her. She looked fine to me, but I did call our favoriate person, Dr. Dave!! We just figured that she had sprung her ankle.

The next morning when I had come back home from taking Ashlee to school, Mackenzie was already up and dressed. She was hopping around on one foot. She had her mind set that she was going to school with one good foot. She could not even put weight on it, she hurt so bad. I talked her into going to nanas house and we could lay around with ice on it(it really wasn't swollen). To make a long story short, I took her to a walk in clinic. They did an x-ray, and of course her foot was broke. Go figure!! They put her in a boot and said NO CHEERING for 2 weeks. Tryouts for cheerleading were in 1 week. She ended up going to all of the tryout pratices, and with boot and all came out onto the gym floor, turning cartwheels, and spiriting around. She made the squad!!! We were all so happy for her. She looks so cute in her uniform.

She has made awesome grades so far this year. She has pratice 2 days a week, cheers 2 games a week, and dances 1 night a week.

She can't wait until next year...she will be in the upper class of the school!


Ashlee is in the ninth grade this year. I can't believe that my baby has started High School! I still remember the first day of kindergarden, Mike & I walked her across the street. It didn't really bother me sending her off to school then, but this year it really did!! I actualluy had this sick feeling. My friend Angela keeps reminding me that these next 4 years will go by faster than any of the years past. I drove her to school and pulled up to the front, and out she went!! She was so excited. I was excited for her, but I felt very weepy when I drove off and left her.

Here we are, already in the second semester of school. She is in all honors classes. She made the varisity cheerleading squad. Her grades are excellent. I could not ask for a better kid. She doesn't give me a hard time, every once in a while I have to remind her who's in charge, but that is about it. I am very proud of how she manages her free time. She cheers at games 2 days a week, has pratice 2 days a week, and on top of that she has dance once a week, with all of that she still manages to keep good grades! Mike and I are both very proud of her.

Let's Give This A Second Try!!

I finally have a faster working computer with no virus, so now I am going to try for the second time to start a blog about my kids and the busy, fast paced world they live in. I can't promise you many enterys, but I will give it my best!!

I hope that you will continue to check up on us, and watch how we tackle the teenage years with the girls, and Jackson soon going off to kindergarden.