Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jackson's Message from Santa

To watch it, click here:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Play Ball!

Well...guess where our Saturdays are being spent now days? At the ball park!! Jackson is playing baseball, and he really likes it! They had him playing 1st base,and was pretty good at. Plus that is the same position that my brother played when he was little, and Jackson thinks that he has to do everything that Brian did or does! The problem was that the kids were throwing the ball way over Jackson's head.. I mean he's not that tall!! The coach moved him to the pitchers mound. He really likes that, cause that is where most of the balls get hit to! So needless to say he is the middle of all the action!! So far his team is doing pretty good! I guess we shall see!!

Jackson on base after he got a hit. I guess he is just making sure that his batting gloves are ok!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What an Honor

Tonight we had to go to CRHS for Ashlee to be inducted into the very first group for the National Honor Society. We are very proud of how hard that Ashlee achieves, and that she can manage her school work, cheer leading, dance,and texting time so well!!

Ashlee has been blessed throughout her school years to have had such great teachers.

I can't believe that she is in the middle of her sophomore year. Time really goes by fast! The first picture is of Ashlee and her principal Dr. Hall. The funny thing is that Dr. Hall was one of my teachers when I was in the 6th grade!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Can you say SNOW?

I never thought that I would be so sick of snow...but I am!! My kids have missed so much school that we are going to have to make up snow days!!
I do not like the feeling of being confined!! I have never drove in the snow before, nor do I want to learn!! We have had fun sledding though!! Mike went to ace hardware to buy us a real sled..the kind that I had when I was a kid. He called to tell me that they were almost $100.00! I told him that it better have a real motor on it for that price..needless to say we didn't buy one! We already had those plastic sleds, so we made them work!! We went sledding one night with Kristy and Ricky and had a lot of fun! On Sunday, The Griffith family came over in the 4x4 to pick us up. We tied up all of the sleds in a line and pulled them down the street. The kids really liked that. Later we went to Pitts Park and found a huge hill!! What fun!!!! It hasn't snowed like this in so many years. Even though it was so cold, and we missed so much school, it was a lot of fun!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lordy Lordy...Am I already 40?

Oh wait...yes I am! I was already in a bad mood all week, because it was very obvious that Mike wasn't going to give me a birthday party. I even asked the girls the week before my birthday what his plans were, and they told me that they didn't know of any!! The only plans that I knew we had were to go to the lodge on Saturday night to watch Jackson receive an award from the Shriner's for collecting his tabs from coke cans! To top it cars windshield wipers needed to be replaced, and my car was also leaking antifreeze so much that I was having to replace it like all of that was Mike's fault!!!

We start off going to the Lodge on that Saturday night...pouring down rain, and crappy windshield wipers, and ticked off at Mike!! Walk in to the lodge to this loud sound of Surprise!! Yep...Mike had planned me a surprise party...(no award for Jackson) at the lodge! No lie when I tell you that there were 100 people. I had people from high school, people that I used to work with, bowl with, friends in general, and family!!!! What a huge surprise!!!! My kids new the whole time, even Jackson, and no one ever slipped up and said anything!!

I am so blessed that all of these people came out in the pouring down rain just for me!! Turning 40 wasn't so bad after all!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped in celebrating my birthday..I love you all!!

Side note: The next day, Mike fixed my car!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Natalie

I can not believe that Natalie is only 12 years old! She has always acted so much older, and we of course treat her like she is older. Natalie kinda gets the raw end on her birthdays!! It is just 2 weeks after Christmas, so what would one child need or want after the big holiday? For as long as I can remember, we usually buy her 1 thing, plus a cake and dinner. At her request we take her out for her birthday in March, right when they start putting out all of the cute bathing suits and cute summer clothes!! I did really good this year! I bought her 1 gift a while back!! Natalie is such a great kid...very SMART, and not a lazy bone in her body!! We are so lucky that we have her!! Happy Birthday Natalie...we love you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

Every year we go to my cousins house for a new year eves party and we always have alot of fun. This year we played spoons...a very dangerous game, but a whole lot of fun. I only came home with a few scratches and brusies!! The whole night is nothing but good food, and our family games consist of dominoes, rook, or spoons!! We count down to the new year, then we have our annual drink to toast in the new year!! Just so that no one turns me in....that is ginger ale that my child is drinking, although he thinks that it is "beer"!
I hope that everyone has a great 2010!!