Monday, January 25, 2010

Can you say SNOW?

I never thought that I would be so sick of snow...but I am!! My kids have missed so much school that we are going to have to make up snow days!!
I do not like the feeling of being confined!! I have never drove in the snow before, nor do I want to learn!! We have had fun sledding though!! Mike went to ace hardware to buy us a real sled..the kind that I had when I was a kid. He called to tell me that they were almost $100.00! I told him that it better have a real motor on it for that price..needless to say we didn't buy one! We already had those plastic sleds, so we made them work!! We went sledding one night with Kristy and Ricky and had a lot of fun! On Sunday, The Griffith family came over in the 4x4 to pick us up. We tied up all of the sleds in a line and pulled them down the street. The kids really liked that. Later we went to Pitts Park and found a huge hill!! What fun!!!! It hasn't snowed like this in so many years. Even though it was so cold, and we missed so much school, it was a lot of fun!!

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