Sunday, May 17, 2009


This week Ashlee and Mackenzie both had cheerleading tryouts at their schools. It was a very busy week to begin with, dance, dog being sick, Mackenzie's birthday, Ashlee's school play, Jacksons soccer pratice...just plain busy and crazy.

They both had cheer clinics for a few days before the actual tryouts. Ashlee tried out on Wednesday, and made it! Mackenzie tried out on Thursday(her birthday) and made it!

We are very proud of both of them. They really love this cheerleading stuff. It's fun..until they both have to be at the same place at the same time!!!

Go Ravens.....Ashlee
Go Cubs......Mackenzie

Friday, May 15, 2009

Not A Good Outcome.....

I took Biscuit to the Southside Vet for a third opinion. The results were the same. The only difference was that Biscuit had already lost feeling in his lower body, and was dragging himself around. His body and brain were not communicating to each other. The end result was that I could not watch my dog live a pitiful life anymore. I had him put down yesterday afternoon. I have cried for him so much that my face feels numb. The kids are taking it better than I have. Of course, I was the one that has been emotionally involved. They want another dog, but I am in no hurry to get one.

Today has been hard, I have been cleaning and getting rid of all of Biscuits toys and things. I know that I will get over it, but loosing a pet is like loosing a member of your family. In the last year and 5 days I have had to put both of my dogs down. That's what hurts the most.

Thank you to everyone that has called and checked on me. I appreciate it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Future Class Of 2022

Today was Jackson's Pre-K graduation. I can't believe that he is all ready for Kindergarten. How time flies!!

His program was really cute. They sang one song for each month of the year! On the song for Mothers day, the kids came out and gave each mom a little vase that they made with a flower in it...then they kissed their moms. It was so sweet. After they sang, they gave out the diplomas. The teachers had asked each child what they wanted to be when they grow up. Of course Jackson said a race car driver. Who would have thought any different?! After all of the diplomas were given out, they announced this group as the future class of 2022!! Oh My Goodness! I will be soo old, and Mike even older!!

Thanks to Nana and Papa for coming and celebrating with Jackson. Josie(g.grandmother)& June, we are so glad that you were both able to come too.

Prayers for Biscuit

Most of you all that follow my blog knows that we have a Beagle named Biscuit. He has been soo much fun, and the cutest darn dog that I have seen!! Biscuit needs everyone to be praying for him, and for me too as I have to decide what is best for my dog.

Tuesday evening, Natalie went outside to get him out of his kennel. I'm still not quiet sure what she saw when she went to get him. I got a phone call from my daddy telling me that Biscuit has been hurt and that I need to get home(I was at Ashlee's school play). I called the house and Natalie answered the phone. She was screaming, crying to the point that all I could get out of her is "Heres Daddy". Mike gets on the phone and said that the dog will not walk, he had to carry him up the steps. I came home and took him to the emergency pet in Cool Springs. Thank god that my BFF Lynn went with me. Lynn if you are reading are great. Without doing any x-rays they said that he has a slipped disk. She told me that I could crate him for 6-8 weeks, or the worst would be surgery. They sent me home with pain meds and told me to follow up with my regular vet.

Wednesday morning I called the vets office @ 7:15. The recording said that they did not open till 7:30, that's fine. At 7:30 I called and got the same recording. I continued calling until 9:00 getting the same stupid recording that they do not open until 7:30. At this point I am very irritated. I finally drove over to Pet Med on Bell Road. This is where he has been going ever since we got him as a puppy. Without doing any x-rays, the Dr told me that he has to have surgery. She called the 12th ave. South animal hospital. They told me that the cost for surgery would be around 4,000.00. Of course I was still willing to go and let him have it. I asked the girl if they take care credit ( for pets & humans) she said yes! I then asked her if they could set me up on a payment plan for the remaining balance. The girl on the phone LAUGHED at me and said that they do not do things like that. I am already an emotional wreck, crying my eyes out. So needless to say my dog did not have the surgery yesterday. Now my regular vet Never said anything about creating him for 6-8 wks like the vet did on Tuesday night. Plus my regular vet Never did any thing to my dog, with the exception of giving him his new rabies shot. I contacted my cousin who works for a chiropractor. She gave me the name of a vet that does chiropractic work on dogs. They say that he is a good candidate for things like this. The only down side is that they can not see him until next Wednesday. This brings me to the present. My dog can not walk with his two back legs. He drags himself, almost like he has been hit by a car, but hasn't. So in the next few minutes, I am on my way to another Vet...Southside on Nolensville RD to get another opinion and x-rays.

Please pray that my dog will be OK and that i will not have to be put in situation to make a life or death decision for Biscuit. He just turned 2 years old this month.