Saturday, March 21, 2009

Soccer Saturday

Today was Jackson's first soccer game of the season. He was so excited about game day!! This season his team colors are marroon and white. He calls it marroon red. Their team name is the Tigers!! He has the same coach that he had last Spring and this past Fall, Coach O'Brien. He is so good with the kids, never raises his voice and makes every little thing seem like a really big thing!! His son, Mark plays on the team as well. Jackson and Mark sorta look alike, especially if they have their backs turned. We are so glad to be on his team again. Jackson played good and made one goal, the whole team played well together. It's hard to yell for all of our players, the only names that I know is Jackson and Marks! All of the other kids are new on the team, so it will take me a few games to figure out who everyone is!! Oh, by the way we lost 4-1. They do not keep up with the scores, but the girls do it for me!!